do you ever sit there and wonder what life must be like for people without anxiety

like they just


without worrying about them first


Anxiety is an excuse

I hope you walk barefoot on a world of legos for the rest of your life

The first time Tony Stark had an anxiety attack he thought he had been poisoned.

think about that

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that movie was so good i wanna watch it again 

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Anonymous asked: How do you control your anxiety?

listening to music helps like i always have my headphones in like all day every day. smoking weed helps too tbh

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Anonymous asked: Are you gay? Just wondering


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juno is the best movie ever why am i just watching now 

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Anonymous asked: You literally just did it like twice.

so you consider twice a lot 

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Anonymous asked: You compare yourself to a lamp a lot... idk just thought that was a little strange.

i compared myself to a lamp literally once the whole time ive had this blog how long have you been following me 

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Anonymous asked: The thirst is real in your askbox, my friend.

you should see some of the messages i have in my ask box omfg 

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